Travelrobe: Travel Site Launched to Help Customers Find Cheap Hotel Rates, Flights, Car Hire and Much More

A new travel site launched to help customers find a cheap hotel, cheap flight, car hire, cruises and much more. With their…

Norbury, United Kingdom, December 18, 2006 –(

)– This website’s main feature is providing good quality information on any of its destinations, with most of this information readily available customers can then book their travels knowing that those rates are competitive and comes with a money back guarantee on hotels.

The site also claims to encourage customers to book new destinations each year for their holiday and this is made possible with their destination guides, when visiting the site pay particular attention to the recommended countries, there customers will find a vast amount of facts and figures, places to visit and also the customs of the natives.

The owners of also recommend that customers book in advance suggesting that last minute deals are usually higher compared to booking at off-season times of the year saying that if you find a deal, book it! their inventory changes constantly and that a great deal found might not be available again.

Items available from that site include:

– Hotels
– Flights
– Car Hire
– Vacation Packages
– Cruises
– Destination Guides

Additional items include:

– Golf
– Spa
– Gambling
– Recommended Beaches
– Bed and Breakfast deals
– Family fun packages

Customers can also redeem their voucher of up to $100.00 based on the information below

Get $20 with a 3-Night Booking
Get $30 with a 5-Night Booking
Get $50 with a 8-Night Booking
Get $75 with an 10-Night Booking
Get $100 with a 12-Night Booking

Comparing prices is highly recommended by on flights, hotels, care hire, vacation packages to Spain, USA, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, France, and many more cities worldwide saying it can often be cheaper to take a connecting flight as appose to a direct flight.

The site provides customers with greater choices and access to more travel suppliers than most online travel sites. Make them your online source for discount travel, hotels, flights, cruises, car hire and few other travel related items

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