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Ready to have an unforgettable vacation? If you are looking for the best New York lakefront vacation rentals, look no further than northern New York state.

Are you planning a trip to upstate New York[1]? This area offers countless fun activities. No matter where or when you go, Northern New York has something fun for everyone.

But where will you stay? Hotels[2] may not offer the privacy, space, or the accommodations you desire. Renting a whole house versus just a room provides you with so much more.

Fortunately, there are lots of upstate New York vacation rentals you can book. You will not be disappointed by lakefront views and the peace and quiet for an unforgettable and relaxing vacation.

There’s no better way to enjoy Northern New York’s beauty than with a vacation home rental.

Time to getaway? Unplug at some of the best New York Lakefront Vacation Rentals

New York Lakefront Hideaways: Best Lakefront Vacation Rentals

Ready to book your Northern New York trip? Here are the best vacation rentals in the Adirondack region.

Cranberry Lake, NY

Cranberry Lake Vacation Rentals - One of the best lakefront vacation rentals

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Cranberry Lake[3] is a serene lake on the east side of the Oswegatchie River.

It’s the third largest lake in the Adirondack Park. In addition to its beautiful lake, the Cranberry Lake area hosts a wildlife forest filled with numerous hiking adventures.

If you want an amazing adventure, you can rent a charming cottage on the lakefront. These cabins and cottages are private, so your vacation won’t be interrupted by the hustle and bustle of other people.

Cranberry Lake is also a habitat preserve. So you can watch these animals in their natural environment. The lake and surrounding forests host a variety of protected wildlife.

Take a boat out and explore Cranberry Lake’s natural wonders. Some rentals offer a dock for boats, kayaks, and other water sports activities. After you’re done on the lake, go for a hike through the forest.

Cranberry Lake’s nature is stunning; pine trees grace the land and you’ll feel at ease as you taken in the setting. If you love fishing, Cranberry Lake offers great catches including bass and trout.

Edwards, NY

Edwards NY Vacation Rentals No Booking Fees - One of the best lakefront vacation rentals

Listing #55

Edwards is a small town[4] in New York.

The beautiful Oswegatchie River runs through this city, making this small town a scenic one. If you prefer relaxing in a quiet town rather than endure the chaos of Times Square, Edwards is the perfect vacation spot for you.

If you’re looking for the best vacation rentals with a riverfront view, Edwards has incredible views of the Oswegatchie River.

You can rent a spacious cottage with stunning river views, right in your backyard. The scenes look like they’re out of a work of art.

When you’re not relaxing by the river, go into town. You’ll find several ma and pa restaurants and businesses that bring out the small town beauty.

Edwards also has a lot of history – it was the 22nd town erected in the United States. In 2004, Edwards was inducted into the National Register of Historic Places.

Lake Algonquin Wells, NY

Wells, NY vacation rentals No Booking Fees - One of the best lakefront vacation rentals

Listing #56

Lake Algonquin[5] is the staple of the New York town Wells. This 265-acre lake is the focal point of activities. Many vacationers can busy themselves boating, swimming, paddling, and fishing.

Wells also offers an incredible mountain view. Buckhorn and Moose Mountains are the focal points of the Adirondack mountain range.

If you’re a mountain climber who’s looking for a challenge, try climbing Buckhorn Mountain. For those traveling in the winter, try the slopes on Moose Mountain

Whether you’re a lake lover or mountain climber, you can find the best vacation rentals in Wells. There are cottages that sit near the mountains, perfect distance for those who spend their days hiking and climbing.

But there are also lakefront cottages that feature a beautiful Lake Algonquin view, and some even offer a dock for boats and kayaks. Want to bring your furry friend for the adventure? Pet-friendly cottages are available.

Lake George, NY

Lake George Vacation Rental Home | New York Rental By Owner

Listing #62

Do you want the most diverse New York vacation? Go to Lake George[6]. It’s an American tradition — vacationers have been visiting Lake George for the past two centuries! And its charm still resonates today.

Deemed as the “original vacation destination,” visitors in the early 19th century flocked to the Adirondack Mountains. But early travelers experienced difficulties roaming through the mountains.

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